Flavour & Allergy Guides

Click on each photo below to view the guide you need. These guides are available to download.

Our Flavour Guide contains a large variety of Leonidas and other products we keep in stock and other details such as weight and fillings. This guide can be especially helpful at making a decision for our choose your own category or our sugar-free and gluten-free categories. If you need any further help in choosing your Leonidas Belgian confectionery please see our contact us page and we will be happy to assist.

Our Allergy guide is a comprehensive list of chocolates and their affiliated ingredients that may be of harm to those prone to allergic reactions. For those that suffer from a nut allergy, please be aware that we can’t guarantee any chocolate to be free of traces of nut.

Our Alcohol guide gives you a list of goods that contain traces of alcohol. If you are specifically after an alcohol-free selection, please click here